Governor Whitmer has stated that golf courses in Michigan will be allowed to operate in a walking-only fashion until at least May 15th.  With that being said, we will be opening for the 2020 season this Friday, May 1st at 9:00 am.  However, due to Covid-19, the Pro-shop, Par Pub, and driving range will be closed, with the exception of restrooms.

We are encouraging everyone to book and pay online via our website (, or call and pay over the phone. Our number is (231)-228-2040 for golf reservations and other inquiries.

We are taking the following steps to ensure everyone’s safety:

  1. The pro-shop will be closed with the exception of the restrooms.  Only one person per restroom at a time.
  2. If you walk on, you will still be required to pay with a debit or credit card. (curbside)
  3. Our staff has been instructed to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer often. We have also instructed our staff to practice social distancing and avoid areas where others are present.
  4. Starting Friday, and continuing until further notice, we will have a local rule in place allowing players to utilize preferred lies in any bunker.
  5. All rental clubs and pull cart sales suspended. You are however permitted to bring your own.
  6. We have removed all ball washers, tee-markers, yardage stakes, trash cans, and water coolers on the golf course, so please plan accordingly.
  7. Please do not touch or remove the flagstick.
  8. If you find someone else’s ball, club, or other belongings, please do not pick it up. You may call and notify the pro-shop, and someone will be out to safely retrieve it.
  9.  The current executive order, however, does not prohibit a golf course from arranging for an accommodation for a golfer with a disability who requires one under state or federal law; confirmation of and arrangements for any such necessary accommodation must be carried out with the course in advance, online, or by phone.

Please respect the 6ft social distancing standard at all times duringyour visit to The Old Course.

Hopefully, these practices will be temporary.  The most important thing is for us to keep you, and our employees, safe and healthy. Please be courteous to all you encounter, let’s make this a walk not spoiled.

We look forward to seeing all your familiar faces soon!

Thank you for your patience and for your loyalty.

– Kris Wakeman

Yesterday, 4/9/2020, The Governor of Michigan extended the “stay at home order” until April 30th.

With our “necessary to conduct minimum basic operations” staff, we are working within the guidelines of the executive order 2020-21.

We are conducting workplace health screening daily in accordance with our local Health Department rules.

Our attention is on maintaining the greens, tees, and fairways at this time to prevent excessive top growth.

We will update as soon as we receive more information within the next several weeks.

In order to ensure the safety of our golfers amidst COVID-19 concerns in accordance with state orders, our golf course is temporarily closed through April 13th. Our top priority is the safety of our golfers, our community, & our families.

We are looking forward to opening back up as soon as possible. We can all look forward to brighter days & beautiful greens.

We send our best wishes to all individuals and communities that have been impacted by the virus. We encourage everyone to follow the advice of health professionals by practicing social distancing & “sheltering in place”. Click HERE​ for the CDC’s recommended steps to prevent illness.

We are closely following the news & will keep you updated via email & our Facebook page as the situation evolves.

Stay safe- we will see you back on the green as soon as we can!

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Practicing your golf swing in the winter requires determination and some creativity — if you live in a cold climate. Freezing temperatures and snow drifts make it hard to get outside to work on your chipping, putting and long shots. Despite that you should resist the urge to put your clubs away until spring. There are lots of drills and techniques you can work on to improve your swing even when it’s cold outside.

Step 1

Work on strength and flexibility during the winter. Golfers such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson often use the offseason to improve their physical conditioning. That alone won’t improve your golf swing, but losing some weight and adding muscle can help you avoid injury and play better overall when the weather improves. PGA of America vice president Ted Bishop recommends at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise four or five days a week. Following a fitness program designed by a personal trainer also helps, Bishop says.

Step 2

Find an indoor driving range to escape the cold. Practicing shots in a heated, domed facility is an option during winters in some cold weather areas. You won’t be able to hit your driver and fairway woods the full distance indoors, but some domed facilities are open late into the evening, allowing you to practice your golf swing at night if you work during the day. Find indoor ranges by asking fellow golfers or check with your club pro.

Step 3

Swing a weighted club in your garage if an indoor driving range isn’t an option. Weighted golf clubs are usually shorter than regular clubs, allowing you to swing them easily in your garage. The PGA of America recommends swinging a weighted club a few minutes every day to improve strength in your wrists and arms, and to increase your clubhead speed.

Step 4

Work on your grip indoors. Grip changes are one of the toughest changes to make.  Winter is a perfect time to correct or tweak your grip.  If necessary have a professional golf instructor show you a proper grip, or buy a club at your local golf store with a training grip attached. Keep the club inside your house during the winter and work on your grip several days a week. While watching TV, grip the club during each commercial and hold it until the commercial is over. Celebrity PGA teaching professional Michael Breed also recommends wrapping paper around the grip of a regular club. Practice holding the club with a grip so light that the paper doesn’t make a crinkling sound. Breed maintains that this teaches you to hold a club without tension in your hands and arms.

Step 5

Practice golf at courses that are open during the winter. Golfer’s flock to Phoenix, San Diego, and parts of Florida during the winter to make sure their game is still at a high level and even play tournaments when they are traveling.  Even taking the time to get to a warm climate for a few days can be huge in order to get the feel of your swing, see the ball flight, and make sure the things you are working on are working out.

Step 6

Get outside into your backyard on a nice winter day if golf courses or driving ranges are not an option. Swing a golf club 100 times without hitting any balls. Practice each swing as if it were the real thing. Working on your strength and flexibility, your grip and taking 100 practice swings as many days as possible during the winter could be enough for significant improvement in your swing.

Step 7

Attend a golf camp.  Golf camps provide great learning opportunities and another chance for you to get to a warmer climate and get outside and see the ball fly.  Here at CGC we have plenty of winter golf camps with various college golf coaches that want to help you improve.  Click here for the list.

The key thing to remember during winter is that the best golfers don’t simply put the clubs away and forget about golf.  For junior golfers who want to play college golf you must continue working on your swing, athleticism, and psychical condition. Reaching your goals doesn’t come without hard work.

Lee, Robert. “How to Practice Your Golf Swing in Winter.” Golfsmith. Copyright 2016 Golfsmith International, Inc, n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2016.