What’s Happening at The Old Course… ⛳

What’s Happening at The Old Course

Finally, after almost a year of an application process, then being delayed by COVID-19, we have acquired our liquor license.  We will most certainly drink to that!

Currently, we are in the process of replacing the old beverage coolers that were behind the bar at the Par Pub with new units. The old is out, soon-to-be in with the new!

We have also acquired a new beverage cart that will patrol the entire golf course.  We look forward to serving you as we transition into this great opportunity for our operation. With your cooperation, this will be an exciting year in 2021.

Restrooms rejuvenated.  Both the men’s and women’s restrooms are getting some much-needed improvements. New toilets, sinks, and countertops along with improved lighting, heaters, and exhaust fans. We can’t forget about the new stall partitions.

First phase of demo was done on both bathrooms 2/25 and the tile repair behind bar 2/26.

Coming soon… Bracket Madness!

Your chance to win a $100 gift card is coming soon with our Bracket Madness contest.  Just select your four teams that you think will make it to the Final Four!

We look forward to seeing you on the links soon! Questions? Give us a call at (231) 228-2040